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About Gus Woltmann

Born in Australia, in 1974 and now lives in London, Gus Woltmann is a photographer ever since he could remember. Gus specialized in photos of Europe cities and photos of the locals population of the cities.

Gus photos are available for sale online and various eCommerce stock photos websites. He got his camera for the first time at a small age. Growing up, he grew passion in photography and now works on personal as well as professional projects.

Moments turn into memories, when spent with those who are close and special. And Gus loves to capture them, anyhow. In a picture (or say each picture), he captures a clump of exquisite moments. Photography is like his sweetheart to Gus. If it is a photography project, leave it to Gus and he would give it his best shot. It’s no less than a challenge for him which he has to surmount in a realistic manner by hook or by crook.

Gus Woltmann

For Gus, photography has been a lot more than just his passion. It has been his teacher, friend, and motivator. It is his means of livelihood too.

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