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Gus Woltmann, photographer

Gus Woltmann, photographer – nice to meet you! I was born in Australia in 1974, and now I am based in London, England. I have been a photographer ever since I can remember. My speciality has been taking photos of European cities ever since I first visited the continent, and I am glad to have been given the talent and opportunity to capture it all as if I were a local. That being said, I believe we all are citizens of the world if we open our eyes to it.

I held a camera for the first time at a very small age. Growing up I could not resist taking photos of everything around me, but it was mostly architecture which left me baffled. Finding different buildings was a joy, and I started off as a local in my city – that is how the obsession came to be. But buildings are not the only things that catch my eye. I love people, I love meeting different people and that is where I love doing personal projects just for you.

Moments turn into memories when spent with those who are close and special. I always strive to capture them, no matter how. I was the photographer for my sister’s wedding, because I insisted on it – no one was too happy with a child’s photos but I was just a child after all (she hired me for her second wedding when I was older, this one she enjoyed). In a picture, I capture a clump of exquisite moments. Photography is like my sweetheart, it never betrays and never goes away, staying as sweet as a high school crush.



Gus Woltmann

Gus was merely five or six years old when he first held a camera in his hands. He did not have the faintest of idea about how to use it. But, his dad who was always fond of clicking pictures (never letting any of his dear ones’ actions go squandered) helped him with using that small, interesting device. The device that looked at him, and which he looked at.

That was the day, which declared the beginning of Gus Woltmann’s photography. He clicked a few pictures the first day, and do not remember for how many months or maybe years, he continued to click a little blurred, a little shaken, a little unfitting, and a lot meaningless pictures – all vain. Although, he persevered.

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Gus Woltmann

“Moments turn into photographs when spent with those who are close and special. I always strive to
capture them, no matter how."

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